52nd Period of UCTCEA Chamber of Architects General Assembly was conducted on 10 March 2018 at Cyprus International University Cevik Uraz Conference Hall. Mehmet Akanyeti was assigned as Council Chairman while Makbule Oktay and Fatmagul Oge were assigned as secretaries. Shortly after, the General Assembly was carried on with the reading and approvall of Activity and Financial Reports.

    Immediately after voting, Mr. Turker Aktac was selected as President by consensus.

    Executive Board Members were selected as Ercim Ulug, Kozan Uzunoglu, Simzer Kaya, Ferruh Dülgeroglu, Ipek Yaralioglu and Gizem Ozturk while Huseyin Erdogdu and Emine Azimli were elected to Supervisory Board.

    Subsequently, Turker Aktac made the first Executive Board Meeting and distributed the duties of Executive Board as follows;

    Ercim Ulug (Secretary)

    Kozan Uzunoglu (Accountant)

    Active Members: Simzer Kaya / Ferruh Dulgeroglu

    Associate Members: Ipek Yaralioglu / Gizem Ozturk