Architecture and Literature; it may not be easy to establish an interest between these two disciplines at first glance if one is thought to be visually and the other is textual. However, written sources come at the beginning of places where we can apply to get information about many architectural works that have been defeated and destroyed. The cities and structures that do not exist today have been brought into the history and culture of architecture by means of all kinds of literary products (diaries, travels, biographies, essays, official documents, letters, archives, etc.) written at that time. Today, such resources are needed and applied to them. Apart from academic theses and articles, we wanted to draw attention to the different written sources associated with the disciplines of architecture and literature.

    With this idea, it is aimed to contribute to the field of architecture and literature as the Chamber of Architects and Editorial Board with the Composition Competition for the Spatial Space Speech. Considering the contributions

    that will be made to this kind of competitions in our country and especially the cultural heritage and

    architectural memory in the recent times, it is very pleasing to participate in this competition.

    In this contest, which is expected to be written in a place where the whole value and the potential of the space will be written, by taking a space in the world or a place of imagination, the way the architectural space is represented in the text and its interpretation; how the architecture discipline has found its place in literature and what architecture has added to the article as the main representation tool of the written work, was searched in the products sent to the competition.
    We aim to bring together the selection made from the competition products that emerged from the creative writing exercise by combining the structural constructs of literature and the narrative power of architecture, and to all those who have won the competition in the competition, to literature and architecture.


    The booklet can be obtained from the Chamber of Architects.

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