The 53rd Ordinary General Assembly of the Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects (KTMMOB) took place on April 28, 2018. Seran Aysal was elected unanimously to the Chairmanship at the Ordinary General Assembly held at KTMMOB Conference Hall.

Following the opening of the General Assembly, Ugur Ulaş Dağlı was elected to the Presidency of the Council Board and the General Board, where Şerife Bozkır and Yasemin Çobanoğlu were brought to
Council Board secretariats, continued with the speeches of the guests.

Sokratis Sokratou, Member of the Board of Directors of Cyprus Science and Technology Chamber (ETEK), Minister of Education and Culture Mr.Cemal Özyiğit, Minister of Labor and Social Security. Zeki Çeler, TRNC II. The President of the Republic Mehmet Ali Talat addressed the members of the general committee after the release of the activities and financial reports to serve between 2018-2020 53rd President of the General Chairman and the board of directors, high honor board and inspection boards were identified.

In the General Assembly, the Union Organs were formed as follows:

Seran Aysal - Chairman of KTMMOB

53.Demember KTMMOB Board of Directors
Evren Çavdır
Mert Girgen
Serkan Abbasoğlu
Tunç Adanır

53. Semester KTMMOB High Honor Society
Uğur Ulaş Dağlı - Chairman of the Board
Aydın Öztemel - Member of the Board
Hasan Demirel - Member of the Board
Seyit Yorgancıoğlu - Member of the Board
Sumer Kaya - Member of the Board
Bora Tüccaroğlu - Reserve Member
Buket Asilsoy - Reserve Member

Supervisory Board:
Ahmet Adışanlı
Ezcan Özsoy

Following the vote of the organs, President of the Union Seran Aysal, conducted the work planned to be done in the 53rd DÖMEM, has realized his speech.

The task distribution will be realized by making the first meeting of Union Executive Board in the coming days.